Hey all, im thinkin of removing all the extra goku’s image and wallpapers gathered from google. So that the only thing which will stay in the gallery i sthe fan’s art. what do u say ?? need sugestion



Hey goku’s fan club have been shifted to a new and better server with a new domain so it can be easily tracked by google and yahoo search users.

the new domain is http://www.gokufanclub.com


Hey guyz,
I have changed the theme for goku’s ultra gallery. take a look and let me know u like it or not. do check out the new bulletin board for news 😀 cheer

Ayaz Malik


Is it enough?

August 16, 2008

Hey all. guyz what do u think is the db GT enough?? or we need more? i want to know ur opinions that can the makers of db take this story far from here ?? or is it enough!!!!.

Hey !!
im ayaz malik. i have used this blog for our www.goku.co.nr website as a discussion forum. feel free to talk about anything u like thx. have fun